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[Packung mit drei Filtern]

Der zweite Schritt eines zweistufigen Filtersystems. Entfernt noch MEHR Rost, Schwermetalle, Verunreinigungen und Schadstoffe, die durch alte Wasserleitungen verursacht werden. 

A pack of three sediment head filters for the Picki Niki shower Head.

Alternative to the vitamin gel head filter.

Got your shower head? Follow these three simple steps and you’re ready to go.

1. Hold handle and twist head counterclockwise.

2. Remove used filter and exchange for new one.

3. Reattach head by rotating clockwise unto handle.

* Sequence: front head cap > water spray plate > seal > into head section

FDA certified high-performance filter used in water purifiers. Made of fine fibrous cotton-like tissue and filters down to 1/20th the thickness of a hair (3-5㎛). 

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Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Add the Sediment Filter

Get rid of rust, dirt, heavy metals and nitrate!

Insert like Vitamin Head Filter

Minimize hard water and limescale. Relax with daily aromatherapy.

Screw onto Shower Hose

Enjoy the best shower EVER with filtered water & aromatherapy relaxation.

About Us

At Picki Niki, we offer you only the best products, developed with strict standards and lots of love. Our development process always puts safety first with zero compromises. So, when all is said and done, you have a beauty product that is designed amazingly well and works to the highest standards. 

01. What is the difference between the Vitamin Head Filter & Sediment Head Filter?

The two head filters have different functions.

The sediment head filter would be an additional step for removing physical impurities of all kinds:

- dirt and rust particles
- heavy metals (iron, copper, lead)
- nitrate

The vitamin head filter has the extra function of infusing the shower water with vitamin C for neutralizing of residual chlorine and limescale. (Read “How it works” here) Furthermore, it also infuses shower water with vitamin C, collagen, and glycerin to moisturize skin and hair. No more dry and itchy skin after shower. :D

The sediment head filter would be the cheaper option, but you miss out on:

- neutralizing residual chlorine and limescale
- an aromatherapy spa experience at home
- collagen and glycerin for no more dry or itchy skin after showering

OUR RECOMMENDATION: You might think about going for the sediment head filter, if:

- you live in an area with soft water and limescale is no problem
- your local utilities providers use no chlorine for water treatment (rare in big cities, check your local utilities providers website)
- you want the cleanest water for your baby AND don’t want anything else in there. (All our vitamin gel ingredients are all natural and safe, but we understand if you want just the cleanest water possible. You can also use the unscented vitamin filter if you want to be on the safe and use vitamin filter without fragrance.)
02. How often do I need to change the filters?

Replacement is recommended each:
vitamin filter: 1 month
handle/head filter: 2-3 months

Be aware: The replacement cycle may vary depending on temperature and amount of water used, water quality environment in each home, and the condition of the water pipes. You can check the condition of the filter in the shower head through the indicators.

03. The water pressure is weaker than before?

Our sediment filters clean out foreign substances without ALWAYS leaving visible traces or changing color (mostly to brown because of rust particles). Throughout the filtering process, small particles can clog up the dense filter fiber.

If the water pressure decreases a lot, it is time to replace the sediment filter even though it might still look “fine”.