Premium K-Beauty 3-in-1 Vitaminfilter-Duschkopf schwarz
Premium K-Beauty 3-in-1 Vitamin Filtered Shower Head
Premium K-Beauty 3-in-1 Vitamin Filtered Shower Head
Premium K-Beauty 3-in-1 Vitaminfilter-Duschkopf weiß
Premium K-Beauty 3-in-1 Vitamin Filtered Shower Head

Premium K-Beauty 3-in-1 Vitamin Filtered Shower Head

  • Neutralizes hard water through concentrated vitamin C
  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities
  • Enriches the water with vitamin C, glycerin and collagen
  • Relaxes body and mind with the scents of essential oils

Picki Niki Made in Korea shower head technology protects you from hard water and harsh chemicals, moisturizes your skin and has vitamin filters that allow you to have your own aromatherapy at home every day.

✔️ for all skin types; especially for dry/sensitive skin and damaged hair
✔️ all filters must be replaced

Our guarantee: 30 days money back, full refund, no questions asked.

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Each shower head starter kit includes everything you need to enjoy daily clean and refreshing showers immediately!

Includes and already installed:
1x shower head (in black or white)
1x vitamin head filter (Tea tree)
1x sediment handle filter
1x additional water spray plate

Easy-peasy. Like screwing on and off a light bulb. No tools needed.

All handheld shower hoses have the same size.

The ½ inch size is an international standard.

That means your Picki Niki shower head will fit anytime and anywhere, it’s just: screw off, screw on.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

For All Skin Types

Save up to 35% on Water

Free Shipping

Perfect for anyone who:

✔️ wants clean & safe water
✔️ lives in hard water area
✔️ worries about residual chlorine
✔️ has skin troubles or hair loss
✔️ has smelly tap water
✔️ has dry or itchy skin after showering
✔️ struggles with low water pressure
✔️ would like to relax with aroma therapy

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Add the Sediment Filter

Get rid of rust, dirt, heavy metals and nitrate!

Insert the Vitamin Filter

Minimize hard water and limescale. Relax with daily aromatherapy.

Screw onto Shower Hose

Enjoy the best shower EVER with filtered water & aromatherapy relaxation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Julia M. (Berlin, Germany)
Wellness-Feeling pur

Der weiße Picki Nikki Shower Head ist echtes Wellness-Feeling zuhause. Die ganze Familie freut sich drüber und genießt das tolle Spa-Gefühl.

Ahra and David (Basel, Switzerland)
Thanks to Pickiniki

Thanks to pickiniki to bring such a great product to the market. So glad that we finally found one for us. It took only one time shower to feel immediate change in my body and head skin condition - much softer and fresh (+ It also remains nice scent for a while after shower. Love it!) Worth to invest the money! Just try and you would never go back to life before pickiniki:)

Ashley (Berlin, Germany)

No more dry itchy skin!

Daniel Choi (Dortmund, Germany)

Shower Head White

Young J. Yoo (Berlin, Germany)
Highly recommend 10/10!

After researching a variety of filtered shower heads I ended up with Picki Niki and it was by far the best decision ever! Not only was it super easy to install, it's cute *yay* and the water truly FEELS different and I can already tell the difference of my skin after tow weeks of having the shower head. I'll never go back to a regular shower head!

01. How often do I need to change the filters?

Replacement is recommended each:
vitamin filter: 1 month
handle/head filter: 2-3 months

Be aware: The replacement cycle may vary depending on temperature and amount of water used, water quality environment in each home, and the condition of the water pipes. You can check the condition of the filter in the shower head through the indicators.

02. Is it safe for a pregnant women or babies?

Absolutely. Picki Niki shower head has been certified for safety and can be used for all ages, also by pregnant women, and all skin types. For those sensitive to fragrance, we recommend our "Unscented“ vitamin filter (link) without any fragrance.

03. The extra water spray plate, what is it for?

The pre-installed water spray plate has 0.3mm width size holes - which increase the water pressure dramatically. If you already have very strong water pressure, it could be too much. The second water spray water plate has bigger 0.35mm holes. That’s why can choose the best option for your place. Keep the other one as well, it will be very helpful when you travel. Many hotels have terrible water pressure.

Spray plate with logo and 3x pickiniki: 0,3mm (for extra high pressure water stream)
Spray plate with logo and 1x pickiniki: 0,35mm