Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Screw onto Shower Hose

Enjoy the best shower EVER with filtered water & aromatherapy relaxation.

Add the Sediment Filter

Get rid of rust, dirt, heavy metals and nitrate!

Insert the Vitamin Filter

Minimize hard water and limescale. Relax with daily aromatherapy.

Common Questions
01. How often do I need to change the filters?

Replacement is recommended each:

Vitamin gel filter: 1 month
Sediment handle/head filter: 2-3 months

Be aware: The replacement cycle may vary depending on temperature and amount of water used, water quality environment in each home, and the condition of the water pipes. You can check the condition of the filter in the shower head through the indicators.

02. Is it safe for a pregnant women or babies?

Absolutely. Picki Niki shower head has been certified for safety and can be used for all ages, also by pregnant women, and all skin types. For those sensitive to fragrance, we recommend our "Unscented“ vitamin filter without any fragrance.

03. The extra water spray plate, what is it for?

The pre-installed water spray plate has 0.3mm width size holes - which increase the water pressure dramatically. If you already have very strong water pressure, it could be too much. The second water spray water plate has bigger 0.35mm holes. That’s why can choose the best option for your place. Keep the other one as well, it will be very helpful when you travel. Many hotels have terrible water pressure.

Remember: Spray plate with logo and 3x pickiniki: 0,3mm (for extra high pressure water stream) Spray plate with logo and 1x pickiniki: 0,35mm