Vitamin C Gel Filter
Vitamin C Gel Filter
Vitamin C Gel Filter

Vitamin C Gel Filter


Die zweite Stufe eines zweistufigen Filtersystems.

Deine Dusche kann jetzt der wichtigste Teil deiner Beauty- und Wellness-Routine sein. Der Vitamin-Gel-Filter, den du in der Hand hältst, enthält die gleiche Menge an Vitamin C wie 250 Zitronen!

  • neutralisiert hartes Wasser, Chlor und Kalkablagerungen

  • spendet Haut und Haaren Feuchtigkeit

Ätherische Öle sorgen für ein Aromatherapie-Spa-Erlebnis zu Hause.

Erhältlich in drei Düften:

  • Tea Tree – Der herrliche Pfefferminzduft für ein erfrischendes Duscherlebnis
  • Baby Powder – Der warme, pudrige Geruch für ein angenehmes Duscherlebnis
  • Unscented – ohne jeglichen Duftstoff
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A vitamin gel filter which contains the same amount of vitamin C as in 250 lemons!

Our scents:
Tea Tree – The delightful pepper minty smell for a refreshing shower experience
Baby Powder – The warm powdery smell for a comforting shower experience
Unscented – contains no fragrances

Got your shower head? Follow these three simple steps and you’re ready to go.

You can also refer to the video at the bottom of this page.

1. Hold shower head at front of the head and turn handle counterclockwise.
2. Remove sticker tape from vitamin filter and insert new filter into showerhead. Insert vitamin filter with the tiny hole pointing to the handle.
IMPORTANT: Align the bump in the head with the recess in the filter.
3. Reattach head cap.
* Sequence: front head cap > water spray plate > seal > into head section

The gel inside the Vitamin filter has only natural ingredients. It is composed of vitamin C, collagen, glycerin, natural essential oils, and distilled water hold together in a matrix of xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is a natural sugar molecule often used as a food thickener. 

None of these ingredients are harmful for the human body.

So einfach wie 1, 2, 3!

Den Sedimentfilter einbauen

Filtert Rost, Schmutz, Schwermetallen und Nitrat!

Den Vitaminfilter einsetzen

Reduziert hartes Wasser und Kalkablagerungen.

Auf den Duschschlauch

Genieße die beste Dusche aller Zeiten mit gefiltertem Wasser und entspannenden Aromatherapien.

Unser Versprechen

Bei Picki Niki bieten wir dir nur die besten Produkte, die mit strengen Standards und viel Liebe entwickelt werden. Bei unserem Entwicklungsprozess steht die Sicherheit immer an erster Stelle und wir gehen keine Kompromisse ein. Am Ende hast du also ein Beauty-Produkt, das erstaunlich gut konzipiert ist und nach den höchsten Standards funktioniert.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anonym (Berlin, Germany)
No more rashes!

I've been searching for a shower filter for a few years now and I am so happy to have come across this one. I use to get rashes from my shower and all over my body because of the hard water, not to mention all of the money I was wasting on shampoo and conditioner. Now after using the Shower Water Filter for a month, I have no more rashes, my hair is stronger and fuller, and it's growing faster than ever before!

Anonym (Berlin, Germany)
No more dry skin!

I have very sensitive skin and the scent of a lot of products bother me, so I was a little hesitant at first when I started using the scented shower water by Picki Niki. But after my first shower with it, I was officially hooked! I love the way it makes my skin feel, and now I want to try all of their other products!

Ashley (Berlin, Germany)

Love the smell!

MENNELET Seoyoung (Berlin, Germany)
Love it!

The body powder is amazing! It is a huge bonus for me.
It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth, plus the smell is so lovely!
I think it's super relaxing and is a great sleep aid.

Halim Lee (Berlin, Germany)
Love it!

Very satisfied ☺️ Especially the scent! I personally don’t like baby power scent tbh but this one is different - not too strong! Loveeee it!

01. How often do I need to change the filters?

Replacement is recommended each:
vitamin filter: 1 month
handle/head filter: 2-3 months

Be aware: The replacement cycle may vary depending on temperature and amount of water used, water quality environment in each home, and the condition of the water pipes. You can check the condition of the filter in the shower head through the indicators.

02. Is it safe for a pregnant women or babies?

Absolutely. Picki Niki shower head has been certified for safety and can be used for all ages, also by pregnant women, and all skin types. For those sensitive to fragrance, we recommend our "Unscented“ vitamin filter without any fragrance.

03. What is the difference between the Vitamin Head Filter & Sediment Head Filter?

The two head filters have different functions.

The sediment head filter would be an additional step for removing physical impurities of all kinds:

- dirt and rust particles
- heavy metals (iron, copper, lead)
- nitrate

The vitamin head filter has the extra function of infusing the shower water with vitamin C for neutralizing of residual chlorine and limescale. Furthermore, it also infuses shower water with vitamin C, collagen, and glycerin to moisturize skin and hair. No more dry and itchy skin after shower. :D

The sediment head filter would be the cheaper option, but you miss out on:

- neutralizing residual chlorine and limescale
- an aromatherapy spa experience at home
- collagen and glycerin for no more dry or itchy skin after showering

OUR RECOMMENDATION: You might think about going for the sediment head filter, if:

- you live in an area with soft water and limescale is no problem
- your local utilities providers use no chlorine for water treatment (rare in big cities, check your local utilities providers website)
- you want the cleanest water for your baby AND don’t want anything else in there. (All our vitamin gel ingredients are all natural and safe, but we understand if you want just the cleanest water possible. You can also use the unscented vitamin filter if you want to be on the safe and use vitamin filter without fragrance.)